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8 Heads Massager Fascia Gun High Frequency Electric Massage Gun 32 Levels Relaxing Pain Relief Massager

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Relieves muscle soreness, improves post-workout stiffness. Relaxes muscles after exercise to relieve fatigue. It increases blood circulation, which ensures faster healing of the painful part.
It creates a feeling of deep relaxation with a 6-10 mm massage stroke to the muscle. It will help you enjoy a relaxing massage without disturbing others.
The deep effect of the pound-phosphorus, which reaches the muscle group at a depth of 6 mm, constantly affects the body and massages the home muscle cell with exciting pleasure.
It has a powerful silent motor.

Eight massage heads focus on each muscle group:

Spike dental massage head.
It is suitable for the relaxation of various muscle parts and deep stimulation of shaping the legs and hips.
Golden finger.
Internal deep tissue acupuncture massage is suitable for finger-type simulation massage head.
Airbag hood.
Apply deep tissues throughout the body such as meridians, joints, palmar and plantar muscle groups.
Massage ball head.
Suitable for pectoralis major latissimus dorsi and other major muscle groups.
Back massage head.
Suitable for abdominal, back, shoulder and other muscle groups to strengthen stimulation acupuncture.
U-shaped massage head.
The cervical spine is suitable for neck and gum tendon massage.
Conical massage head.
Meridians, palmar, plantar, etc. suitable for affecting deep tissues such as
Half massage head.
Apply to abdominal, strength and leg muscles to remove fat and massage.

Gear: 32 levels
Nominal voltage: 7.4v
Color: gray
Gear speed: 1800-3200
Duration of use: up to 1.5 hours
Battery capacity: 1800 mAh

The package includes:
1 massage gun
8 massage heads
1 charging cable

Product type: Massager

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