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VISEO Anti-Stress Pillow Electrostatic Cushion Enriched with Super Microfiber Carbon

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Electric charges accumulate in the body every day, which causes feelings of muscle tension and stress. Anti-stress pillows include carbon fiber that helps absorb electrical charges and relieve muscle tension. The body restores its natural balance and sleep becomes calm and relaxing.
Reduces stress for a great night's sleep. Our Anti-Stress Pillow has a special, anti-static, anti-stress coating.
This pillow uses fine carbon fibers woven into the cover to dissipate electrostatic charges, restoring a natural state of balance so you can get a full and healthy night's sleep.

Washing: washable pillow
Material: 100% polyester filling
Product dimensions: 60x40x13 cm
Packaging: carton box
Brand: world bed
Feature: anti bacterial

The package includes:
1x anti stress pillow
1x rechargeable bulb

Product type: Pillow

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