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TWINS Boxing Bandages 2 x Cotton TWINS Bandage

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It is fixed to your wrist with Velcro strap. Protects your hands from twists, cuts, cracks, deformations Suitable for both beginners and experienced boxers. Bandages are made of cotton, so they absorb sweat, make training or combat more comfortable, and prolong the life of gloves.

Elastic boxing bandages can be reused
The bandage is elastic
Optimal dressing length (2.5 meters)
Sit tight and soft
Use in amateur and professional boxing
Reliable protection against hand injuries
Natural cotton and elastane are used in the production of bandages.

Type: Protective Boxing Equipment
Length: 2.5 m
Material: Cotton
Eni 5 cm
Color: Blue

Package includes: 2 x TWINS Bint

Product type: Bandage


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