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Beauty Device Facial Therapy Wand 4 in 1 High Frequency Electrotherapy Glass Tube Instrument

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High-frequency electrotherapy uses the theory that high-frequency electric current flows to generate heat and ultraviolet rays, thereby constricting and dilating the peripheral vessels of the human body, ionizing oxygen in the air to create ozone, and improving blood circulation with antibacterial and anti-bacterial agents. There are four Glass electrode tubes. Mushroom electrode tube: Used for general skin treatment. Curved electrode tube: Used to treat locally inflamed skin. Comb electrode tube: Improves the blood supply of the scalp, prevents hair loss. Spoon electrode tube: Used for delicate skin treatment. Reduces skin irritation. Removes acne. It accelerates blood circulation and improves metabolism. It helps calm the nerves and has an analgesic effect. It has anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin tightening properties. It improves secretion, the PH value causes the skin to tend to neutrality. Produces ozone for sterilization, can help wound healing and unclog pores. Provide ozone sterilization. To calm the nerve with analgesia. To remove acne and treat the wound. It is used to speed up wound and inflammation healing to promote healthy hair growth.

Brand: XTY
Model: LX-006A
Material ABS, Glass
Color: White
Voltage: 110-220V
Power: 10W
Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz

The package includes:
1 x Electrotherapy instrument
4 x Header
1 x Instruction manual

Product Type: Electrotherapy Instrument

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