Waist Twisting Disc

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Waist Thinner Drawstring Fitness Equipment Waist Twisting Disc
A perfect and practical fitness tool for exercising the waist and abdominal areas Waist Thinner Drawstring Fitness Tool Waist Twisting Disc!
This product, consisting of a total of 2 circles, 27 cm in diameter, upper and lower, and attached with metal parts in the middle, allows you to easily turn and slim your waist.
By supporting any table, chair or wall with your hands, you can directly work the waist and hip muscles in semi-circular movements.
Thanks to the durable exercise elastics mounted on both sides, you can strengthen your waist, arm and shoulder muscles, help shape your hip area and have a healthier appearance.
It will help to reduce the sagging of the arm thanks to the exercises to be done with exercise tires.
Waist Twisting Disc is one of the most used practical sports equipment in many countries.
You can get a fit body by working regularly for just 15 minutes&


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