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Magic Hose Stretching Irrigation Hose for Home and Garden

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* Irrigation hose magic hose 22.5 m irrigation hose. Lightweight, compact, elastic hose eliminates twisting and knot formation.
* Thanks to its length and wide output, it creates an ideal strong, intensive spray irrigation.
* Automatically stretches under the influence of pressurized water.
* Increases length 3 times.
* When the pressure is reduced, the hose returns to its original length. The hose is connected to a standard faucet.
* The hose consists of an inner hard rubber hose and an outer wear-resistant nylon cover.

100% new and high quality
Environmentally friendly

Normal length: 7.5 m
Length under pressure: 22.5 m
Hose operating pressure: 2-16 bar
Print: 20 mm
Material: plastic, latex pipe, piece polyester mesh
Weight: 450 grams
Color: mania green (random)

The package includes:
1x Irrigation hose
1x Irrigation pistol
1x Box

Product type: Irrigation Hose

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