Multi Function Fishing Game 6 in 1 Wooden Toys for Kids Fishing and Clip Beads Game

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The wooden game set consists of six games.
1. A game of catching small fish, where you have to catch a fish or other sea animal with a magnetic rod, thus teaching coordination, correct grip and patience.

2. The game of arranging beads according to the pattern of the cards is for the child to draw one of the 18 cards and then keep the beads according to the pattern. The game helps children develop visual perception, eye and hand coordination, memory and spatial orientation.

3. Relevant letters and numbers place letters and numbers on the board in appropriate depressions, train perceptual abilities, improve spatial orientation, and develop hand skills.

4. By connecting letters and numbers with a string, in this activity the child tries to tie letters and numbers with a string, thereby developing their skills, creativity and patience.

5. Color matching is based on the child putting colored rings on a stick and practicing hand-eye coordination and correct posture, trying to have ten of the same rings on each stick.

6. Dividing colored beads into baskets involves the child inserting colored beads into the baskets and trying to have the same colored beads in each basket, learning to recognize colors, and developing motor skills and spatial orientation.

100% new and high quality
Very environmentally friendly

 Large board: 30 x 30 cm
 Smaller board: 21.5 x 21.5 cm
 Packing: 30 x 32 x 5.5 cm

The package includes:
Large board with holes for letters
15 sea animals
10 digits from 0 to 9
5 geometric blocks: square, triangle, star, heart, circle
2 fishing rods
1 tablespoon
1 tongs
1 lace
5 forms for cupcakes
18 patterned double-sided card
60 beads - pink, green, blue, yellow-orange
5 ball molds
50 wooden rings - blue, purple, pink, yellow and green

Product Type: Fishing Game

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