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TRX Fitness Training Set Body Weight Resistance System Body Exercises Hanging Təlim Elastic Waistband Yoga Fitness Band TRX Suspension Training Set

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Trx Suspension Sport Training Package

Suspended training belt can help complete muscle training
Suitable for fitness trainers, trainees, sports enthusiasts, travelers, etc.
It is suitable for
You can exercise at home and make your body perfect
can keep it curved somehow
The hook has a large bearing capacity and
not easily damaged.
High quality rubber, non-slip hand protection, ergonomic design.
The installation method is simple, strong and light. To start
Put it home or take it with you.
quick and simple exercise: exercise strength, flexibility,
hundreds of items such as basic stability and durability
allows you to run

Applicable scenes: running, fitness equipment, sports trends,
fitness and body, extreme challenges.
For all fitness levels and different training purposes
Suitable for people: Hanging training, to build resistance
uses your own weight and allows you to adjust the difficulty.
Suitable for different fitness levels, ages and exercise goals.
If you don't like aerobics or just in a private home, backyard
or if you want to exercise at the hotel allows it.

Package includes: 1x TRX Suspension Training Set

Product type: Fitness

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