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Filter Container Aquaphor Filter Container for Cleaning Distilled Liquid Aquaphor, Aquaphor 3.9 l

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The filter bowl will help you to clean and soften your drinks.
The filter cube together with the filter cassette will clean your distillate well from fusel oils and harmful impurities, without reducing the degree and significantly improving its softness and taste.
The filter contains ion-exchange resins, coconut and maple charcoal.
Just pour the liquid to be filtered into the receiving funnel and wait for a while.
The cube food is made of safe plastic.

Total volume: 3.9 liters
Receiving funnel volume: 1.85 liters
Volume of purified liquid: 1.9 liters
Material: Food grade plastic
Product weight: 1 kg
Product size: 26.1 * 15.5 cm

The package includes:
1x Aquaphor filter bowl

Product Type: Filter Container

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