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Strong Pro Weight Lifting Training Sports Gym Hook Grip Strap Glove Wrist Support

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Hand strap for lifting weights where there is an iron hook to support the load. This strap provides comfort and safety for your hand muscles when lifting heavy weights during GYM.
This hand strap has an iron hook which is useful for supporting heavy loads while lifting heavy loads.
It is anti-slip.
A friction-resistant hand strap that provides comfort during use, anti-slip material on the body of the glove does not make it easy for your grip to slip, so it remains firm.
Adjustable wrist strap.
This wrist strap can be adjusted to fit different wrist sizes.

Material: Metal, Neoprene
Hook diameter: 1cm / 0.39 
Strap Length: 36cm / 14.17

The package includes:
1 x Wrist Support

Product type: Sports gloves

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