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Haeger HG-9001 Electric Popkorn Maker 1200W Mini Popkorn Maker

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Haeger HG-9001 popcorn maker is an important kitchen tool in every home, because with its help you can make popcorn at any time.
No oil is required, popcorn is made by circulating hot air.
With the push of a button, you can make your family happy with one movement of your hand and have fun watching an interesting movie while eating delicious popcorn.
The Haeger HG-9001 home appliance will allow you to enjoy your own delicious popcorn without leaving home.
It is enough for the popcorn producer to pour a handful of special corn, and after a few minutes a piece of popcorn is ready.
After cooking, you can add milk, cream, chocolate, sugar, salt or any flavor you want.

Material: Plastic, stainless steel
Product size: 35 * 15 * 25 cm
Capacity: 4.5 l popcorn container
Color: As in red
Model: Haeger HG-9001
Power: 1200W
Weight: 1.5 kg

The package includes:
1x Haeger HG-9001 Popcorn Apparatus

Product type: Popcorn Apparatus

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