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Functional Tap Head for Kitchen, Cleaning Filter Tap Head, Water Sprinkler Shower Tap Head

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1. PVC sleeve hose is soft and elastic and does not deform and is not easily damaged.
2. 360 ° rotating telescopic nozzle, the length and direction of the telescopic hose can be adjusted 360 °.
3. Spiral shower, saving water, sprinkles all the water, prevents splashes.
4. Adjustable design, suitable for 1.6-2.3CM cylindrical cranes, and general purpose models can be used.
5. The length can be adjusted by itself, easy to use.
6. Stainless steel bayonet, does not rust quickly, can be adjusted at will.

Material: PP + soft rubber
Color: randomly shipped (pink, blue, green)
Net weight of the product: 40 g
Packaging: in the box
Packing size: 5 * 5 * 8.2 cm

The package includes:
x Filter faucet head for kitchen

Product type: Tap

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