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Nicer Dicer Kitchen Grill Vegetable Cutting Fruit Slicing Storage Container Chopper Set Fruit Vegetable Peel Wipe

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Nicer Dicer Plus will be more enjoyable to cook with Nicer Dicer Plus, designed for those who are tired of spending long hours in the kitchen and tired of slicing, chopping and slicing.
Nicer Dicer Plus, which saves your kitchen from a set of appliances and prepares food all in one place, replaces dozens of household appliances you use in your kitchen.
Thanks to its sharp blades, it can cut all kinds of fruits and vegetables perfectly.
If you need a quick and simple cooking unit in your kitchen, Nicer Dicer Plus is the product you are looking for.
The blades in the Nicer Dicer Plus, which are easy to use and clean, can be replaced in a matter of seconds.
Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Material: plastic, metal
Product color: green, transparent
Product: Nicer Dicer Plus
Knife material: stainless steel
Packing type: Cardboard
Operation mode: Manual
Country: Germany

The package includes:
Top cover with 1x cleaning button + knife storage
1x food storage container
1x knife 6x6 mm, 12x12 ml
1x fruit slicing knife
1x knife section cover
1x perfect two-way cooler
1x safe food holder
1x food freshness lid
3x V-shaped slicing set

Product type: Chopper

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