Hattrick Tiger X20 Elliptical Bike Indoor Exercise Bike

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The Hattrick Tiger X20 offers two different grip supports for both sitting and standing exercises. The handles help you maintain body balance while adjusting the position you can choose according to your type of exercise.

Right in the middle of the elliptical bike's handlebars is an easy-to-read LCD display. You can see your training speed, calories burned, distance traveled and training time on the screen. With this information, you can make your training more efficient.

The X20 optimizes pedal resistance with its magnetic braking system. As you increase the stiffness setting, the resistance of the pedal increases. With this feature, the elliptical bike helps you use enough power to develop your muscles.

Brand: Hattrick Tiger
Model: X20
Product Dimensions: 127 x 60 x 148 cm
Product weight: 31 kg
Carrying capacity: 120 kg
Display: time, distance, speed, calories, Handheld heart rate sensor
Brake: magnetic
Drive system: double-sided ribbed belt
Hardness setting: 8 levels manually
Seat adjustment: horizontal, vertical
Carton size: 91.5*33*52cm

The package includes:
1x Hattrick Tiger X20 Elliptical Bike

Product type: Exercise Bike

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