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Functional Neck Massager BRADEX BLISS Shiatsu Massage Technique Portable Head Massager

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Shiatsu A portable device that imitates the Japanese hand massage "Shiatsu" technique. Suitable for the whole body.
Ease of use everywhere: at work or in a long traffic jam in the car.
Thanks to its flexible design with angle adjustment up to 180 degrees, the massager is suitable for use anywhere on the body.
Ergonomic silicone grips help secure the device to the body. 4 massage wheels - Rotating wheels gently massage muscles without causing pain or discomfort.
  Helps relieve muscle tension, actively accelerates blood circulation and lymph flow in the problem area. Can be used by children.
Now everyone can relax and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of relaxation. This will help the "BLISS" body massage. is a modern portable device that imitates the classic Japanese massage "shiatsu".
Body massage will help to get rid of fatigue and relieve tension. You can use massage in different parts of the body: neck, back, knee joint, etc. to relieve pain. During the procedure, the body is naturally biologically stimulated. This principle of massage actively increases blood flow in the problem area. It helps to activate the body at the cellular level. Thanks to natural physiological processes, the pain syndrome is reduced, thereby increasing the quality of life and emotional well-being.
1. Suitable for whole body massage;
2. Wireless;
3. Ultra flexible form;
4. Infrared heat;
5. Comfortable silicone grips to attach the massager to the selected part of the body.

Dimensions of single package (cm)
Packaging dimensions
22x14x11.5 cm
Material: Silicone, ABS, Metal
Dimensions of the assembled product (cm)
Color: White Gray

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