Silapro Resistance Band Set Multifunction Latex Band Set

30 M

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Designed with the ideal resistance level to help maximize your workout at home. You can do sports at home, in the office or even outdoors. Resistance bands help with rehabilitation exercises. You can continue training without fear of injury. Great for traction & elasticity Perfect for crossfit, yoga and fitness classes.

100% new and high quality
Environmentally friendly

Product: 11-piece elastic jute set
Material: TPE foam Latex
Size: Jqut length 1.2 meters
Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, black
Package Weight: 487 g
10 kg yellow
15 kg red
20 kg green
25 kg blue
30 kg black

Package Includes:
2x Holds
2x Foot Cover
1x Door Buckle
1x Fabric Package
5x Elastic Pipe

Product Type: Resistance Bants


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