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Unisex Yoga Pilates Athletic Elastic Bands Rubber Resistance Band Jqut Heavy Jqur Resistance Bands

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You can exercise with resistance bands to lose weight and build muscle
You can do stretching exercises to warm up with resistance bands.
It can effectively improve your muscles, physical activity and flexibility
Resistance Band is suitable for all fitness women and men

Available for yoga, pilates and fitness bands, this product provides strength and
Ideal for adding flexibility. It helps to strengthen the muscles
Use resistance bands for

Original environmental latex material, safe and reliable, durable.
They can stretch many times and handle different environments
The product is light and easy to carry, and a sports belt is provided to carry it
It can be easily placed in the bag.
At home, in the gym, while traveling or in a fitness program
can be used as part of

Material: Natural Latex
Weight: Heavy
Size: Perimeter 2080mm, thickness 4.5mm

The package includes:
1x Heavy Duty Sports Rubber Bands

Product Type: Resistance Bands

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