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Double Twister Pedals for Abdominal Muscles

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Portable and lightweight, the Strauss is an extremely convenient fitness accessory that serves its purpose very well. You can use it in combination with other fitness equipment for a complete toning of your body. In addition, you can also use it to improve the condition of the abdomen. It has two separate magnetic acupressure points to help you lose weight and stay fit. There are two torsional magnetic platforms for each leg that emit magnetic waves that aid in the slimming process. With new technology and a simple twisting movement, it can have a powerful effect on the abdominal muscles. It is a portable and compact product that you can easily store in your home, office or even carry outside.

Color: As seen in the picture
Size: 195 * 292 mm

The package includes:
1 x stepper

Product type: Stepper

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